Offset Mortgages

Mortgages are one of the most popular financial products in the UK, with millions of people owning one. However, although most of us are familiar with the concepts of fixed-rate and variable-rate mortgages, even less can explain what an “offset mortgage” is. An offset mortgage is a loan for buying a primary or secondary residence in which savings in a related bank account are deducted from the mortgage balance on which interest is paid. Offsets, like many other mortgages, are available with fixed and variable interest rates, as well as repayment and interest-only options.

How Offset Mortgage Service Important

  • Aside from the annual savings, an offset mortgage gives customers the option of repaying the loan in a shorter period or making lower monthly payments. Although mortgage payments are calculated on the maximum loan sum (rather than the offset amount), borrowers are overpaying each month, minimizing the amount of time it takes to pay off the entire loan.
  • Your mortgage term could be reduced by months or even years, depending on the overall offset savings number. Alternatively, if you want to save money in the short term, your lender could let you hold to the mortgage’s standard terms, lowering your monthly payments.
  • Family Offset Mortgages are a form of offset mortgage that allows parents’ savings to be added to a child’s or family member’s mortgage.
  • The amount of money you’d save on mortgage interest is likely to be greater than the amount you’d receive in a traditional cash savings account.
  • You will lower your monthly expenses by using your savings or current account balance.

How Can Ask Financial Service Help You?

With different loan conditions, rates, and fees implemented by different offset mortgage lenders, it’s critical that we find the best deal for you. Our offset mortgage advisor works effectively and rapidly on your behalf, knowing that time is short in certain situations. In addition, we’ll be with you from beginning to end, so you won’t have to track down the lender or other experts involved in the process.

We create an appropriate strategy to help you in achieving your goals. Then, we’ll go above the strategy with you and decide on the best way to proceed.